Play Online Slots at their best at ZAR Casino

When it comes to real money slots in South Africa, ZAR Casino is seen by many as the best iGaming venue in the country. Simply put; the site is all about online slots, putting reel spinning action above all else. There are indeed other casino games available, and there is even a fine selection of these alternatives, but video slots are the priority. The offered selection is vast, with hundreds of online slots to choose from, including enough variety to keep everyone happy. Whichever theme you prefer, the chances are high you will find it at ZAR Casino.

All in all, if real money online slots are what you’re looking for, you’ve certainly come to the right place.

Themes for all Tastes

Let’s face it, online slots are all about the flavour. Which is to say; they are all about the themes. There was a time when reel spinning was all based around fruit, but the world has come a long way since then, and as far as slots online are concerned, the more options the better.

Tap or click the tab and see the drop-down menu appear, giving fast access to the incredible variety offered at the site. Choose your favourite theme, jump in, and start chasing those jackpots. Offered online slots for real money include categories such as; adventure, animal crime, scary, heroic, fairy tales, Wild West, gameshow, party, and many more.

How to Spin the Reels

Online slots in South Africa are all very straightforward and easy to understand. A bet is made, reels are spun, and if winning combinations are achieved, payouts are awarded. There are a few differences and variations, but it all comes down to luck and matching symbols. The interesting aspects of reel spinners are, of course, the bonuses and other special features.

Special Symbols

Most casino slots will have special symbols in the base game. These beneficial helpers include such things as Wilds, which will stand as a substitute for all other symbols, helping matches be created more frequently. Wilds appear according to luck, though when they do appear it is generally to your benefit.

Bonus Features

Generally speaking, Scatters and other special symbols are what trigger bonus rounds. Bonus rounds may include Free Spins and multipliers, which can result in massive jackpot payouts. It all depends on individual online slots how these special features work, but needless to say they are what most reel spinning enthusiasts are chasing. Bonus rounds are easily recognisable, often consisting of impressive animations, amazing graphics, and other dazzling special effects. How much a bonus round will pay is a matter of luck, but chances are it will be significantly higher than a standard spin.

Mobile Compatible Fun

You might think that cutting edge online slots in South Africa offers would require the latest hardware, but that isn’t the case. ZAR Casino, and all of its games, function on just about any mobile device or PC under the sun. You can enjoy your reel spinning and the chance to win a huge video slots jackpot on just about any device, anywhere, anytime!