ZAR Casino makes Mobile Casino Magic

Technology certainly is a slippery, fast-moving thing. Imagine telling gambling enthusiasts just a few decades ago that they’d be able to access an entire casino on a portable device. They’d probably think you were joking. But now virtually everyone has a smartphone, which means that everyone also has a mobile casino. ZAR Casino has been designed to be fully mobile optimised, meaning that the site, and all of its games, are all accessible on smartphone or tablet. You might think that a South African mobile casino like ZAR Casino would require a pretty cutting-edge smartphone or tablet to work, but that is the beauty of it.

Should your phone be getting along in age, even 5 or 6 years old, it will still be able to access a mobile casino. So it looks like your old phone still has some life in it yet, and can still be instantly transformed into a fully stocked real money mobile casino.

Choose Between Browser Or Dedicated App

A casino mobile version can be accessed in two ways. It is, first of all, possible to simply visit the site via a web browser, such as Chrome. This means that ZAR Casino will open in Chrome, and function more or less like it should.

All the games will also work, loading and opening in the browser. The only downside here is that not all the games, or pages, will necessarily be sized correctly for the device screen. It can be a little disconcerting, meaning that you may prefer the second option instead.

This South African mobile casino can also be accessed via a dedicated app. A dedicated ZAR Casino app is available, and can be downloaded to a smartphone or tablet for free. A dedicated software app is a faster, more convenient way to open a mobile casino site not demanding that you keep visiting the same site over and over each time you want to play. Instead only a tap of the icon is needed, after which all the games will be available. Plus, all the software will now be correctly sized to your device screen.

Play on The Go

Of course, you aren’t locked to the mobile version of ZAR Casino, if you do decide to play there and your created account can be accessed on desktop PC’s as well. This means that you can switch back and forth between devices, making use of the same account.

You also won’t be missing on out any special features or promotions, no matter where you decide to play. ZAR Casino even offers a mobile casino no deposit bonus for South Africans, which you can claim by logging on via your phone. It provides an instant R500 in Bonus Cash just for creating an account, so be sure to check it out.

Get Your Gambling To Go

A mobile casino in South Africa isn’t a new invention, but it is certainly an invention that has been drastically refined in recent years. Check out ZAR Casino for yourself now, sign up for an account, and enjoy some real money casino games on your mobile no matter where you are.