Online Blackjack Excitement at ZAR Casino

There is hardly a casino game as iconic, or as widely known as 21. It is a game that was first played centuries ago, but has survived into the modern era, now available as online Blackjack.

ZAR Casino has a dedicated blackjack section, demonstrating that even today this skill-based casino game is still a firm favourite. The site may have a few variations, but for most part this is the same nail-biting, lightning fast casino favourite that was played in the 1600s.

A Brief History of a Casino Classic

It is more than a little amazing that something invented in the 1600s can still be relevant today. Think of how many things have survived that long, and apart from art, casino games are basically the only other thing. Playing blackjack online, therefore, can literally owe its existence to our distant ancestors.

It was in France in the late 1700s that Vingt-Un, otherwise known as 21, managed to cross the ocean into the United States. This accounts for the popularity of blackjack in old American west stories, where cowboys liked nothing more than kicking back in a saloon and playing some cards. How would those cowboys respond to an online blackjack game?

How to Beat the Odds

Casino Blackjack is widely recognised as the most skill based game. This means that, unlike slots, a person that is skilled will win significantly more often than a beginner. Word is that skilful players can reduce the odds to around 0.4%, which is exceptionally impressive.

Though, that is a percentage that takes into account a player that has been studying strategies, and practicing, for years. You might do as well someday, but best start practicing and studying the strategy guides if you want to do the same.

With that being said, you don’t have to be an online casino Blackjack fanatic to have fun. It is still a wildly entertaining game that moves along at a breakneck pace, providing amongst the most exciting experiences that can be enjoyed in a single hand.

Learn Online Blackjack Basics

It is possible to simply step up to a slot and start playing immediately, but blackjack requires a little knowledge to get started. You are going up against the house, and as such are tasked with getting a hand that adds up to closer to 21 than the dealer.

As with all online blackjack casino rules, the dealer is dealt a face up and face down card, while you will be dealt a pair of face up cards. The options available are to stand or hit. Stand meaning stick with the current total, and hit meaning to ask for an additional card.

Once you stand, the dealer will turn over their face down card, and attempt to beat your total. If the dealer cannot beat the total, you are paid out.

Play Blackjack Online for Real Money

Making all those old west cowboys jealous, you can now play online blackjack at ZAR Casino, and win real money in the process.